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(((((((((((((((( PBS, seo ))))))))))))),

My wishes are for all.

Health- to be healthy enough to fight off anything it tosses your way.

Happiness- to be able to face whatever comes your way, to see though it knowing this too will change.

Humor- to be able to laugh even though things aren't always great.. As we laugh when we look back, and think How in the world did we manage to get though that time.

Wisdom -that comes with knowing nothing ever stays the same as much as it changes. Hmmm, Or is that nothing ever changes as much as it stays the same.

Health, Happiness, and ooodles of humor. That's my wish for all.

Grab your hugs from the bottomless bucket. Use as needed. It's a bottomless bucket that's always full to the brim.
Smiles are contagious. It's ok to pass them on. *
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