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Good luck with your resolution. Maybe you could share some hints in here. They may help others with high cholesterol. Thanks Jagguar.

We love having you chat with us, we love having you around. So we will help each other. ^5

My not a resolution ( resolutions seem to have a way of being broken by me) So my Not a resolution, but promise to myself Is to eat healthier, More fruits, and veggies. By eating healthier the #s will come off.

The thing is we all know how to eat healthier.
Eat 3 meals a day. (Never skip breakfast) That's the one if you skip you get hungrier during the day. More likely to snack. )
6 smaller meals are better for us. Less likely to get those snacking urges.

Snacks... Keep fruit ready, apples, bananas,oranges, pears, peaches etc. Veggies a light spinach salad. brocolli, cauliflower, etc...

See knowing and following though that's the issue. Will work on that as a promise to myself.

A Happy Healthier New Year to all )

Smiles are contagious. It's ok to pass them on. *
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