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This situation is so close to what is happning to my sister. Her daughter has been stolen from her by her father and his parents. He has a drug conviction and multiple DUI's and never claimed paternity to avoid child support, yet when he had her daughter for a visit he somehow went to allowing my sister supervised visits only. His parents are well connected with the court system and this could be one of the reasons this happened, but she has a clean record is her final year of college and has a house in a very nice area. Without ever sending anyone to investigate her situation and based soley on lies he told she lost her daughter and my parents are now spending 10's of thousands of dollars to fight him in a court system that is biased to him and his family because they are friends with Judges and a prosecuting attorney. It is killing her to not be allowed to see her daughter and her daughter has been with her her whole life (3 1/2) years so I'm sure it is not easy for her daughter either. Sorry to vent. If anyone has any suggestions that could help please let me know.
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