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Sadly, guinea pigs are showing up and being euthanized in animal shelters more and more these days, so check into adoption before you check into a pet store. It's possible there's a guinea pig rescue in your area, which is a great way to get one. You can save a piggie life and work with them for a good piggie temprament match for your son.

If you go to you can search in your zip code for piggiess that are available for adoption. In the search box, they're listed in the category of "small & furry."

If you can find a rescue, you also get the added bonus that they usually spay or neuter their piggies prior to adoption. That's better for their long term health and less $$ out of your pocket at the vet in the end!

If you're interested and haven't found these already, here's some ways to make your own cage/pen. We've made these for our rabbits and it's a really cost-effective way to get a nicer home for them than your basic commercial, over-priced cage.

For general care, these websites have lots of good information and message boards, as well -
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