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I have to agree kudos!!! As the daughter of a nurse and now I live with an LPN who works hard on the graveyard shift. I am so glad I didn't become one. O,don't get me wrong, I applaud all they do. My mom tried to talk me into becoming a nurse. I said no. That is what you wanted to do. I'd make a horrible nurse.
My house mate comes home and tells me of how the nurses on his shift are treated by the superviser.(sp) and it is horrible!! She makes them do 2 floors and he even fell one night and this woman just told him oh well. He tells me about aids who yell and swear at these old people they are suppose to be taking care of. I just hope I never have to be in one of those places.
I also understand the stress that nurses are under. You should be proud of yourself. Anyone who has that much compassion for their fellow man I take my hat off to.
It feels like home to me. Bonnie Rhatt
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