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Power of Prayer


If ever the time for your shoulders to be needed, now is the time. I need to use everyones shoulders. I need that sister(s) to lean on.

My mom 'self' went into the hospital on Friday, she had a cold, wich turned out to be phnomonia (spelling) in both lungs. They found her heart to be beating at around 182 and so they stopped her heart and shocked it back into ryhthem (about 110) She was doing fine after that.

Around 4:30 Friday afternoon, she started crying and yelling for me. They gave her someting to calm her down and she cried for me, then she layed back and stopped breathing.

They put her on life support Friday afternoon, and are giving her a 40/60 chance of coming off of it. There is fluid in her lungs from the phnomomia (spelling) and it is causing her lungs to push on her heart. Which will cause her to go into cardiac arrest. Her heart is failing her now.

I see her laying there with all these wires and tubes going into her and I cry.. All I can do is cry. Last time I talked to her was Friday afternoon and I told her I would bring her some pepperoni pizza and she said okay I love you, I will talk to you tonight.
I went back up Friday night with her pizza. And she was on life support.

I never got to give her pizza....

Everyone, please say a little prayer for her. I know she will hear it. She really needs it now, more than ever.

(*(*(* Everyone *)*)*)
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