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Christmas Stocking and Tye dyed gifts

Now here are the two crafts we chatted in the room last night....So I hope this helps you with at least one fun activity.

Making a stocking

felt or cotton
**(enough to make the size stocking you want)

any materials i.e. glitter, glue to decorate it



matching thread


1. First decide on color and material...Some like felt whereas others opt for cotton

2. Next sketch out a design...if you want a top like an folded over sock

3. Next decide on what things you wish to use to decorate your stocking i.e. glitter

4. Now you can anything or designs on it...i.e. whimiscal or religious its your choice

5. Now using a poster board draw out a stocking the size you wish it to be

6. Making sure you have enough material for this endeavor

7. Now you can use anything from glitter or transferable pictures

8. Let your imagination be your guide

9. Now after you have drawn out your stocking cut it out this is your pattern for your material

10. Lay this on the material using a pencil draw it out and cut it being careful not to miss cut it

11. Now I would suggest adding any decorative items to your stocking before you sew it up

12. Let it sit overnight just to let the glue or glitter sit and dry

13. Dont forget a loop so you can hang it

14. Once done invert it so you sew it up inside out

15. Very carefully turn it right side out and you have your very own stocking!!

Tye Dyed Socks Gifts

Here is a good gift for six friends

* If its for ladies use ladies white socks
** if its for the guys use the men's white socks

Now you will need:
six large cups
*the kind you can buy at Dollar General store glass cups Dont use the plastic
**Sort of the size to drink a double glass
of hot tea

Cellophane paper and ribbon
A box of peppermint candy canes
A bag of hershey chocolates
A bag of hershey chocolates
A box of hot chocolate or a box of tea
permament colored markers
A spray bottle with clear alcohol
A plastic box sort of like a cat litter box
A pair of plastic gloves

Now here is what you do:

Take the socks out of the package
Using your imagination with the colored markers decorate the socks.

*~* You may wish to wear plastic gloves to protect your hands.

Now once they are done, spray with the
alcohol and place in your plastic container til the socks are all done.

Mind you the colors will run which is
just fine.

Now go lay out your socks so they dry
preferably in a safe place away from animals and kids.
Once they are dry toss them in the dryer for about five to ten minutes this sets the colors so when washed they wont run.

Now here is how you assemble the gifts:

In each cup place your hot chocolate
packet or tea bag(s)

With a candy cane and some hershey

Take your socks, either stuff in the
cup or tie around the handle.(overhand knot)

Wrap up in cellophane paper with
some ribbon.

That is a simple gift costs about 20
dollars, with things you can get at the Dollar General so it dont cost a bundle.
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