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WOW memeber with digestive and other health issues

Hi everyone at WOW
I am searching for any information on bland diets, recipe's for bland diets. I have been dealing with intestinal problems for years and over the last 8 months or so they have gotten worse. My Nurse Practioner bombarded me with many lab tests a few months ago for everything from Lupus to Rhuematoid Arthritus. The only thing that came up with a positive or negative result, depends on how you look at it was the Anca P. It was on the high side. Also my Globulin/Albumin results were off indicating inflammation in my body. For the Anca test it came up with Atypica P Anca Pattern is present associated with Ulceratice Colitis, Chrohns Disease, Scherusing Cholagitius, Autoimmune Hepatitis, RA, and Systemic Lupus. The test ruled out the RA, Lupus, and the Hepatitis. This is something that acts up on me, it's not something that is there all the time. My NP more or less blew the test results off, saying the results weren't enough to lead her to believe there was anything conclusive.
She was here today after I called and complained of me being sick for the last week with intestinal problems only now worse then they were when these tests were taken in October. She wants me to go in the hospital and have tests done for this, among other things.
Most of you know I have been dealing with health issues for many years. Along with panic disorder which has been keeping me from taking care of myself for years. I need a lot of tests done to find out what is all wrong with me and to be point honest I am scared you know what.
I have spent the last 3 hrs trying to find some bland diet recipes or anything I could find on the internet. I couldn't find much.
I need your support and help if you can give it to me. I haven't been online for 3 months and I know I haven't been here for you all but I need you all to be here for me now. I am sorry if it seems selfish but if I don't get what I need done I am afraid of the results. I am really afraid right now. They can't find out what is wrong with me until I get tests done. I need more then digestive tests done, they also want nuerology tests done for fear I have been having TIA'a, my tumors/cysts have spread all over my body, I have pinched nerves in my back, siatica in my leg and other issues.
I am so sorry to burden you all with this but I need my fellow sisters in WOW for support right now. I also have both my shoulders ruined which they want to do scat scans for. The list just goes on and on.
Most urgent is my stomach issues and I need to be able to eat without having the troubles I have. PLEASE IF YOU CAN HELP!!!!!!!!!!
I love you all
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