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I think the problem is in looking for a "bland" diet. That's sort of broad and it's been changed quite a bit over the years. Different intestinal upsets call for different measures. I think a nutritionist might be a good idea. And, don't rule out that the panic and anxiety causes the stomach upset.

Also, and just as an aside, there has been a stomach bug going around that causes major issues. That might be the problem this past week.

In any event, I think you're looking for easily digestible foods as opposed to a bland diet, and even that will vary depending on the person. Yogurt is bland, but milk products don't agree with me at all, and yogurt makes me feel awful. You're going to have to try things, one at a time, to narrow down what it is that isn't agreeing with you.

Have you been tested for Celiac disease? That's easy to miss and causes a lot of grief for people. btw... It mimics many other bowel disorders.

You can always start from scratch with the BRAT diet. Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast. See if that agrees with you and then slowly begin adding foods. Plain broiled chicken, steamed veggies, etc. Also, I once read that a doctor invented peanut butter because he needed an easily digestible but high protein food. Not sure if that's an urban legend or not. Could be the peanut butter makers.

Also, if used on a regular basis, Metamucil, which many people think is only for constipation, can help regulate all sort of problems.

Keep in mind that I am certainly not a doctor and am not giving medical advice. Just a few thoughts off the top of my head.

I hope you can get your stomach issues under control. If only they could figure it out, then you could find other people with the same thing and find out what works for them. Hang in there, and post anytime! There are no rules about how often.
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