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Hi there
I cannot and have never been able to eat bananas they give me heartburn along with acidy juices,along with other things. It has been decades since I have been able to enjoy a glass of orange juice.
No I haven't been tested for Celiacs disease but I have thought about asking about it. I though that was a problem with wheat products. Correct me if I am wrong. I can't eat veggies or fruit that have anything to do with a seed like veggie nor can I eat anything with skins veggie or fruit, it goes right through me. Even peanut butter sandwhiches have been doing a number on me lately. I can't eat anything fiborous either, including Metamucil. I am a person who has always loved her veggies from the time of a tot and that was far to many years ago to want to admit and that is upsetting that I can't eat them. I am going to try to make arrangements for a "nice" hospital visit for Febuary 4th. I don't want to end up like my father, his mother and my mother's father with part of her intestines taken out.
Thank you for your input.
luv ya Addie
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