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(((((seo, Addie, LiamFan )))))))))),

Seo, So sorry you're going though all of this. My older daughter has had a lot of similar problems over the past few years. Even to the point they thought it was her gall bladder, and had it removed. The problem increased. She was tested for the Chrones gene, ( it is in the family ) she does have it. She still has problems not quite as severe at this point.

Celiac desease runs along the line of all those things that disagree with you too.
Yes, get checked for the diverticulitis 2.

Good luck. It's awful to suffer that way. Sure hope they find answers and methods to cure it/ or help deal with it easier.

Good luck (((((( Seo ))))))) Sure hope they come up with ans that will help you.

You're right ((((((( Addie)))))))) Celiac is the one of the moment. I know several who have been diagnosed with that recently..

Maybe just maybe the additives added to the foods before the consumer gets them should be checked more closely. Just a thought.
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