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The grieving and mourning period DOES get better! Unfortunately, you have something else here, and that's guilt! We can all tell you that you made the right decision, and we can all tell you that your mom isn't mad at you, and we can all tell you that she wasn't going to get better, but you have to believe that for yourself!

It was a terrible position to be in, my heart goes out to you. You made the right decision based on the information given to you. You saved your mom, your kids, and you, a lot of long and drawn out pain and suffering.

You should talk about it here, in chat, and from today until next year, whenever you want. But please, maybe you should also talk to someone well versed in this type of additional grief. That doesn't mean you shouldn't talk here!!! Talk, scream, yell, and cry! That's what these boards are here for.

I am so sorry that you had to make such a gut wrenching decision. You and your mom were very close. She loves you very much and she knows that you did for her what she couldn't do for herself.
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