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What you feel is very normal at this stage of grief.

As Addie said you had additional burdens of being the one deciding something very emotional and difficult. This compounds the grief.

Grief process can take 3 months up to a few years. No one person is the same or do they go thru the process of grieving the same. There are different stages and you are still at the beginning of grieving for your Mom. Vent as often as you need to. All of us have done the same thing when we were there -

Gosh my Dad has been gone now since 2001 and wasn't very long ago something came up with one of our cars and I went to phone Dad so he could tell me that the charges where normal from the mechanic. As I dialed my parents home number is when I remembered Dad wouldn't be there to answer the question. This happens to lots of us when we have had a love one die.
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