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Deep down inside I know I did the right thing. But on the surface I am not sure. I am sure one of these days it will click that it was right. I am seeking help. The hospital holds weekly group session to help cope with loss. It does help to vent to strangers, and to hear from other people who have lost their mothers.

A lady told me today it will get better. In time you will heal. But there will always be a wee part of you that will hurt. Because she was your mom. And no one can replace her. Just live day by day. And cherrish the memories you have of her, and she will stay alive in your heart forever.

I miss her so much.

Thank you all for letting me 'vent'. Each and everyone of you have helped me out the last month. You always have a calm in your voice and a gentle hug. If I could hug you I would. Thanks for being there.

(((( Your name here )))))
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