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I just saw this post while I was tidying things up and thought I'd post <g>

We've turned our home into an animal sanctuary, literally. Almost 50 dogs, cats, and rabbits allow us to live here and tend to their every whim and want. *snicker*

Every animal here is unadoptable, for one reason or another. Some have birth defects, some have chronic medical problems, some have terminal illnesses, and a few have behavioral "quirks" that make them unsuitable for or unsafe in a "regular" home.

For people who are a bit less insane than we are <g> you could consider the idea of volunteering to do foster care for an existing rescue. There are tons of rescues all over the country trying to get animals out of kill shelters, spayed/neutered, and adopted into good homes. They use foster homes to help them accomplish that, because they can't get the animals out of the shelters if they don't have anywhere to put them.

The gist of fostering is that you take the animal and give him/her a real home to stay in, good food to eat, socialization, and lots of love. The rescues foot the vet bills to prepare the animals for adoption, then tend to the applications, interviews, and home visits to insure the animal finds a great permanent home.

There are rescues for just about any breed or type of animal, so there's lots of different ways to help. It's a really nice way to be able to help out, without having to have a ton of land or money up front. The hardest part of fostering is saying goodbye, but it's easier knowing that an animal that normally would have been killed is going to a great home forever.
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