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Hang onto your hats, ladies! There's one more upgrade coming, and it's a whopper! No.. not the cheeseburger.. or the malted milkball kinda whopper.. sheesh.. WOW's and food..

I know you're thinking, why this whopper of an upgrade when the house seems so clean right now? To get us fun new stuff, of course!

A very few things the upgrade will bring include:

* Better spam controls, to get rid of all those bozos trying to act like they know us while they tell us about the latest, great new website they "found"

* Personal photo albums to upload and organize pictures you want to share with the WOW world. There's also space for people to leave comments about your photos. I believe the comment feature was developed specifically for the Moms and Grandmas among us, because there's no sense posting a picture if nobody can tell you how cute they are!

* A completely new format for the User Profile pages with the ability to customize the page using your own choice of colors/background, to give it more of an individual "homepage" feel. The page now includes a "profile picture" which is similiar to your avatar, but appears on your profile only. It also includes a place for people to leave you public messages, links to your photo albums, your list of friends, your biography/mini stats, recent visitors to your profile page, and your latest posting/activity.

* The ability to create social networking groups, for particlar interests, with their own messaging system and group photo album. There's also the ablity to add bookmarks to your favorite existing social networking sites, with just a click, so you can invite others' to hang out with us too!

* Lots of internal, invisible stuff that will make things run more smoothly, more quickly, and more efficiently.

Since this is an intentional upgrade - unlike the last one - there won't be significant downtime on the boards. Although, I probably jinxed myself by saying that

I expect to begin installing this upgrade tomorrow - May 2, 2008 - sometime in the afternoon, East Coast time. The boards will not completely disappear during this upgrade and there'll be a status message clearly displayed during the time the boards are inaccessable.. may that time be extremely brief!

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