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Tiffin you are telling me! I watched season 5 and was really disappointed in everything they have going on.

I liked that ALice stood by Tasha torugh her court martial but now that it is over she is ready to move on to some one else! What are the producers trying to say? Are lesbians only strong enough to weather it through a storm and once the storm is over they go looking for new adventure?

I am not even going to talk about Shane. She had it good but then let her jeans control her as she often does! She did try to treat Phylis's daughter right but when confronted by Phylis she chose to run off rather than try to proove Phylis wrong.

Tina and Bett are so messed up! They break up and get new partners and then go back to each other again. How stupid is that? I have yet to see a lesbian couple in real life that actually operates that way.

But I am looking forward to Season 6 LOL
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