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My son sent this to me in an email:

For all of you who havent married yet, this should give you and your future bride some great ideas for that special day, if you are married,maybe a second wedding???

It all started out with me pickin up my blushin bride in a limo down at the 7 Eleven when she got off work. (followed by a photo of a stretch pick-up truck with camper-topper.)

My pappy ran down to the Burger King to pick up the reception viddles. (w/photo of tracter outside a BK)

I took my blushin bride to a place where she could get dressed up and all. (photo of bride coming out of an out-house.)

My bride was having problems with a worked up stomach, if you know what I mean, so we had the preacher meet us at the outhouse for the ceremony. (another out-house pic)

The whole email went on like that. (If I could figure out how to get the photos here, I'd put the whole thing here.)

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