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Up until this year I was able to remember birthdays, anniversaries, and phone numbers. Alas the brain doesn't allow me to connect that way.. so I try writing down those I remember. What helps at times is people that have the same date birthday. Like my brother's youngest daughter and SkyeWOW actually share the same birthday.. Ops my secret is out. . So if your birthday comes up, and I don't acknowledge it. It's definately me & not you. Hope you have or had a great one.

We always do the extra candle for good measure. Bless my mother's soul she was my rock. Always believed in celebrating your birthday. In fact she would celebrate our's and then do something nice for herself! Why? After all she's the mom.. why not. If she didn't give birth we couldn't celebrate. ... Loved her thinking.

We didn't get big gifts it was the small ones that counted. It was the cake and soda along with all the good wishes.

Have to tell you this it's funny 2.// I was not feeling well for a few weeks ( broncitis ~ complications along the way.) My best friend called . They live 2 hrs away via car.. she wanted to send her hubby over with a bottle of orange soda & coloring books~ crayons. & a pint of Vanilla ice cream. She remembered my mom doing that whenever her or one of her siblings were sick.. mom would send us over with that stuff to make them feel better. To bad people don't take the time today. What a nicer world it would be.

Oh my "Rambling" should be part of my nic!!!

Anywhoooo!! Do you have a sweet/ bittersweet memory to share?
Smiles are contagious. It's ok to pass them on. *
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