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Sabra, Never have I been taught that women are evil or that we came about because of temptation. It's certainly not Christ who teaches that. Rather it is taught by men who are insecure in who they are.
A true Christian would hold both women and men in the same esteem. Not one better than the other. A true Christian is not one that points a finger at another and holds them in disrespect, but one that accepts a person female, or male for who the individual is. Not because of gender.

I believe in balance. IN balance we are accepting of each other. If people continue to knock others for their beliefs, or lack of then they are no better than those they are putting down.

As with love we don't choose who will be our love... that love chooses us. Whether it is same gender, or man & woman. Love is love and not one of us is better than the other, therefore we should not judge.
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