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Oooh, that was sweet of your friend, Irish. (Was the illness recent? If so, hope you're feeling better...)

Good memory/story: My late SO and I loved the holidays, but, since he was a quiet sort, holidays were a more low-key than they are for some. However, for our first 5 or 6 4th of Julys, we did go to see the local fireworks with my younger two. The very first 4th, we went to where the display was scheduled. The city of St. Pete even had bands playing and local food vendors out. But the fireworks got rained out (they were re-done the following weekend, but w/o the food and music; we did see the fireworks then). In the meantime, before the city officially announced they'd postpone the fireworks, SO and I stood outside under a tree (obviously!), in the pouring rain, eating $5/paper plate barbecued ribs like we had some kind of sense. Best. Fourth. Ever.

So, do you do anything special for the "smaller" holidays (like Memorial Day/Labor Day) or do you save your celebrating for the "bigger" ones?
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