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Oh my haven't camped in eons. The time we cheated as our friends had a camper. We did cookout on the campfire, but breakfast was in the camper.

We try and celebrate ( or should say I ) a little of all the holidays. Love watching the fireworks. Love going to bbqs. Haven't been to a bbq in over a yr.

Haven't been to a parade since we moved down here. Well except the Disney Parade of Lights <weg> . That in itself is awesome.

Growing up we celebrated every chance we got.

You know the kids miss out today. We need to bring back doll carriage and decorate for the 4th of July. then let the winners ride on a float in the parade.. sounds good to me.. Not just the doll carriages, but bikes, and other ride toys. Let them dress up and participate.

All in favor of letting kids be kids again... say yea! and lets bring back fun. ....
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