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(((NOTSOCRAZYJOJO))) First welcome to wow. Second, I know how you feel, my dad past away 15 years ago this month and as a matter of fact his 71 birthday would be in 2 days. It does get easier and I went throught the same as you. I was in NY and dad in Fl went he pasted. I couldn't afford to go down and I didn't know anyone who could help me. We talked on the Sunday before he pasted and his last words to me were " I love you and call me later this week. " I got to work and with everyday stuff, I never called. On Thursday at 11:15PM I got a call from mom to tell me dad was gone. He pasted quietly at home after having a cig. and kissing mom goodnight. He took a final breath and was gone.
I can tell you it does get easier and there will be days when you will still cry for her. As i said dad has been gone 15 years and I still have days I miss him so very much and I still cry and wish for one more day. To see him one more time, to hear his voice one more time.
So, you are not alone. I know you feel as if you are but you can find a shoulder to lean on here. We will listen and try to help.
So, as my mom would say, keep your chin up hon, you are stronger than you think. Big hugs and prayers.
It feels like home to me. Bonnie Rhatt
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