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You have a very hard choice to make, it is never easy deciding one?s future.

If I was you, this would be my choice and the following are the reason behind my choice.

I would take the University position.

If you choose the corporate world, their pensions are not written in stone. Many in fact have done away with any company based pension and You only put into account that the company says is good and will help you built your future, or you are at your own for putting into some 401K/IRA. Don?t believe it for a second that any of those are safe. Then they choose what other benefits you pay Through the nose again, and that changes pretty often if you have medical, death, and etc. Many company?s go under Even the big corporations. And when there is a buy out and you are seeing this now Key employees are let go at once then: - they offer some employees a Raise to have you stay & they promote you into positions held by others. Usually this is done because you know the system of the old company and they rely on you for that, but you have not the experience/voice to challenge the system in your old position and they believe you be so happy with the new position and raise that you don?t realize the changes they are doing. Then when all the dust clears and things settle down and it all seems very smooth and easy You are let go. I?ve seen this happen over and over. But I?ve also seen where it does work out. Corporate world is always changing. Most states allow company?s to have ?fire at will? any reason they may have an employee let go. Layoffs in corporate world in also very big and are silently done. With the economy in the toilet right now I would be wanting the most secure job I could take for the next 10 years.

Reasons for the University position:

1. Education will never go away. Folks will always want a education to be able to work in those Corporate Worlds <G>

2. You have tenture after a few years and You basically have to die at your desk to be let go.

3. The benefits you receive outweigh any comparable company. Retirement is State ran, and takes law changes for that to be messed with. Most universities and colleges offer free tuition/or very discounted to your children. YOur insurance for health and dental you pay but the rate is lower because you under all the state insurance programs.

4. Although pay at this time is low, you could add to income during those wonderful vacation times as a Consultant or Free Lancer to the Corporate World. Yet still give you the freedom to be with your family.

Much success in you choice and please let us know what you decide.
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