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You didn't say how long ago your beloved mom passed away. Let me share a story with you. My mom got cancer. She had the surgery, was given a yr. 2 1/2 yrs later she was still with us.

I would go to my sister's on a Thurs night and stay until Sun. then my hubby and kids would come pick me up. It was done that way so that my sister and her hubby had time, and mom and I got to spend time together.

At the end of her time, my oldest daughter belonged to a drill team. They were having a competition in OHio. Didn't make it to my sister's that night, had to see my daughter off. And be home for the 2 younger ones.

When I woke up in the AM I knew... so I left the house. Couldn't get the call if I wasn't home. Of course I found out a couple of hrs later. Had to call the head of the drill team. Let my daughter compete.. then had her flown home for the services.

There are times, not so often now.. that I feel guilty that I wasn't there that night. Would it really have made a difference?? No!!

Felt guilty because I had been with my brother, father, mil, but not with my mom. She was such a dynamic in my life.

It's ok to feel bad. Don't let it stay with you, she wouldn't want that for you. Maybe if you'd like to post some stories, some little things that she did that brings a smile to your face. A song that touches you. .. We are here, we do care. And so many share those heartbreaking moments with you.

Don't feel alone. If you could celebrate her life? What would you do? How would you celebrate it. ...

When my grandkids come over sometimes we dance around the house.. My mom always did. Sometimes we go for walks to a nearby restaurant and have lunch.. she did that with my kids.
And bless her heart if she got mad at you, you knew.. but a wonderful thing my mother taught us.. never stay mad. It's makes you old before your time... she was right. That;s why I'm still a kid at heart.

Hugs how wonderul that you give hugs. So find a way to celebrate your mom. Remember little funny things she did. Most of all do something nice for yourself. Yes, she would want you to. When you can do that. You will feel her presence more. Really. ((((((((( NotSoCrazyJoJo ))))))))))))))))))) Keep in touch. Reach out we are here. We do care. YOU ARE NOT ALONE with how you feel.
Smiles are contagious. It's ok to pass them on. *
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