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awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww..IRISH!!! you HIT ME??? darn it!!! giggle!

i hung out with my aunt's kids alot - she had 6! sooo... we always had two teams to play games! we played all kinds. Hide and Seek was a FAVORITE...several variations of tag, kickball, softball, red rover, red light green light, mother may I, London Bridge, Farmer in the Dell, Duck Duck Goose... Ahhh...i loved those games and they are good memories for me! giggle!

I loved playing hide and seek at DUSK... that was one of our favorites!

Today is Memorial Day, and as such, my question is... Do you have a tradition for honoring this holiday? (Like visiting a cemetery , putting out a flag, or attending a ceremony?) or is it a day to celebrate and kick off summer?
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