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Though I don't have the same situation as you, jagguar, I do work full-time, have a part-time job teaching fitness classes, and am preparing to go back to grad school for another Masters (I have one in sociology, but want to return to my original career in social work). It's definitely a juggling act, as you've said, but I find it most manageable by devsing a schedule, on a weekly basis, and sticking to it religiously. I'm always sure, though, to include some "empty" downtime for me and time to spend with friends, family, etc. Even if that means only a 2-hour interval on Friday night and maybe another over the weekend, it works. I also post calendars in my most-frequented areas so that I'm always clear about where I stand and what I need to spare energy for.

So, for me, being organized but not so regimented that it makes me miserable is the key. After all, though we clearly want to earn whatever degree we're working for, it's not worth losing all of your todays over!

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