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We always went to the cemetary. We also dressed up wearing red, white, and blue. My parents came over from Ireland. They taught us to respect our Country. To stand by it's colors, always to salute the flag, and the military marching in the parades. I can still picture my father ( no matter what else was going on ) his hat in hand held over his heart. You stood tall as the flag passed by.

As much as we learned the Irish songs & dance, we learned that Ireland was our heritage... America was our home.

May God bless all our military. Those that have passed on, those who are serving now, those who have served, and yes those yet to serve. We may or may not agree with the politics, but we do stand behind those who serve.

Fav foods at a bbq.. hmmm depends on who is doing the cooking. My son cooks up a mean BBQ.

Games -- Old Lady Witch! Truth or Dare. Roller Skating, Ice Skating... How about Going Steady, I don't think they do that anymore... wear his ring on a chain around your neck. ( OOps ) Am not showing age.. I"ve heard tell of these things
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