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You know that woman was amazing as are and were so many that we have met along the way in here. I will never forget Shewhowis or her white Light that shone on all of us. She was an inspiration to many. I went on to build that daycare center that she told me would succeed and it has. I have made many changes in my life and one of the women that helped me find that strength within was Shewhois. Many many women in this forum have given me love and encouragement so that I feel like I have become a better person for it. Bless you all, know you are all in my heart and that I think of you all often. My heart has so many footprints from the wonderful women of WOW that it looks like a well worn beach on a summer day but Ive never seen a beach wear out so my heart is full and content. Huggs to all, I love you!!!
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