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Also if you want to bake get an oven therometer. A little one at Walmart is around $6 and that way you can see if your oven "the key to good baking" is cooking at the correct temp! This really helps a great deal - not all ovens cook at the temp the dial says that you set it at. Many times thats why baked items are sorta blah they get overcooked or undercooked.

Then don't open door to chech every 10 minutes to see what the item is doing - this only lets out heat and your baked items can go downhill very fast. Wait the time the recipe says and then check.

And yes as Merlynn said You need to measure correctly!

But baking is really fun and takes practice to get it right. Try simple bake items at first. Even though I am a great cook and can do awesome desserts - I can not bake a homemade pie crust Nope nope it has escaped me somehow :-/ but watch out for my breads, cakes, and truffles and I do a 'die for fruit cake'.
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