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i'm damned coz i'm a women

i was all my life emotional and verbal abused by the male of my familly loll and also by the old women only coz i'm a female and it's the male who have 2 controle me liberty no talk at all and in the extreme when i'm fud up and say no it can reach the physical abuse who is verry normal against women and they can say it's a right i our society..hate this and some time i hate all the men,i know it's not a solution but what can i do more,i'm 35 yearsold ingeneer who work but still can be ecrased by the man familly when i dare saying no and i always do it..want my liberty and my humanity i'm asking this 2 god coz i know that no person can do anything 4 me..a suicide a verry lovely solution some time but can do it coz it's so forbidden by my religion and also coz that i feel i have lost my earth life and dont want 2 loose the other life. here i want friends 2 talk with and be listned..friendship is force ..
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