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Loosing a loved one is really tough. My husband's father died in Oct.2001. He was like a second father to me. We were really close. Then in March of 2003, my hysband's step-father passed away. They were never close,but he still took it hard. Then in Sep.of that same year, his brother that was right behind him,died in a terrible bycycle crash. Two cars ran over him after the first one knocked him down. My husband really took it hard. They were very close,but a month before he was killed, they got in a terrible argument over the phone. A week befor he was killed,they did talkbut it was not the same. He feels very guilty about it to this day. I keep reminding him that it was not his fault,but he still feels that it is. He is a little better now, though. Then in Jan. of 2004, his 105yr.old grandmother passed. He was very close to her. She always thought of him as their 12th child because he was with them all the time in the summer,& sometimes in winter. Then in Aug. of 2004, I lost my dad. We were very close. I took it very hard. I am the oldest child, so we were close. To this day,I am still not over it. You see, I seen him a week before he died,& told him I loved him very much. He could not say much,but he smiled & I knew he understood what I was saying. The day he died, I was sleeping,(I work nights),my mom left a message on the answering machine saying,"Kitty, your dad is dead. Bye." She sounded really cold when she said it. The worse of it all is,she had him cremated before us kids(4 of us) could see him & have our final goodbyes. To this day,my sister & I still do not forgive her for that. We feel that we did not have any closure. I do dream of him,& he is telling me that it is ok. But I don't feel that way. Maybe someday I will understand why she die that,but for right now I see it as wrong. Don't get me wrong,I love my mom,& we do get along ok,but we were never close. I do realize that it was hard on her,& she did have her reasons,& one day I will see it differently.
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