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Originally Posted by OkieStorm View Post
OkieStorm send smiley a big boquet of flowers.....and a parka. sounds cold. So when do you start to experience spring in South Australia?
(((PBS))) I love Daffodils and Iris' favorite summer flower is the large double blooming zinnia's. They tolerate Okla summers and are big and showy. Butterflies and Hummingbirds come too!
Foreverauntie iv'e always wanted to try planting lavendar. Ive had some giant sunflowers one year...let them go to seed for the birds.
(((crazymomma))) here's a little mini flower garden for you.....
I hope I am sending theses notes in the correct way, I am new to all this so here goes, we do need parkas, we are experiencing snow and cold icy winds and will have cold weather up until September when the early spring comes and then all our spring bulbs will be flowering, lillies, rununculi, tulips, anenome, etc:
we get extremes of weather in Victoria the state I live in from very cold way up high where I live and extreme heat in summer, when we have to watch our water very carefully, we have been experiencing severe summer drought situations the past few summers, so our gardens are suffering somewhat,I do have several lavenders one english, one french and one italian, they grow very well here and don,t require much water, so keep cool and happy gardening
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