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hi goddess ,NAPOLITANA ,okiestorm and darama roy:
"underground women's movement " if only it exist..i saw t in r movies and it's really important and fantastic thing,but it doesn't exist here coz we r a defferent society ..can't explain this but hope 1 day it's ll be possible .and 4 NAPOLITANA be sure dear that there is no person 2 help coz it's a mute rule..the supremacy is 4 the men here..of cource if u r rich that ll make a defference coz monez bye the respect,the security and the power and even with this u 'll be always a 2nd citizen,the weak part of the couple and the 1 who can loose his right easly..a lot of 2 say but no force or envy..but i'm always hoping 4 a better futur,dont want and can't continue like this...
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