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New to this site but stumbled across this thread and thought I had to add in my part.

Correct me if I'm wrong and I think I am, but I think some of you are confused. I understand the question "What turns you on?" as a sexual question. But it seem as if most of you woman are giving answers more appropriate to the question "What loving gestures/qualities do you look for from your partner?" or something similar.

I myself, do not get turned on when he looks at me from accross the room with a loving gaze. This is affection, and it overwhelms me with love, not the desire to jump on him.

Therefore, I feel our answers to the question should be more along these lines;

"What turns you on?"

Porn, talking dirty, not wearing underwear and then telling him I'm not wearing any, long sweet kissing while rolling around in our underwear, etc, etc.
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