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Chow Chow MOMMIE

Whatever any one has heard about chows ... forget it ... I am a chow chow mommie ... I have two rescues ... THE COUNT LESTADT de'LIONCOURT (anyone ever read INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE rofl) ... this big red neutered male is the happiest sweetest dog I have ever had and I am fifty yrs old and never lived in a home without a dog ... also had a keeshond, Siberian Husky, poodle, shih zu, dalmation ... growing up ... my little tiny black chow, MISS SATINA EBONY, is so dainty and small ... and very very VERY shy ... my first chow, LEO, well, he kinda had an attitude, but definitely was NOT dangerous. Chows really get a bad rap. My 3 have made my life LACIE
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