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I remember well how she sat me in an isle at some store and took me into her/your world of WOW roomies and her special d.rinks she offered everyone in the room that made me laugh so. I remember that you were able to console her online friends as well as mourn with them even when things got difficult for you to mourn at home/as a nameless someone tried to stifle your shown emotions.
Here's to you Sadielou. May you and Alk shine with that spirit in the sky. May your heart be ever happy with never again the need to cry. May your son that messed up so badly, from an evil never seen, be forgiven by our maker as I know you'd want for him.
May the one's you left behind, remember the good and not just the end. May you forever remain in my heart as I know you will. Signed, your sister, and your friend. (As tears hit the keyboard) I do, I do...Remember Sadielou.
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