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Spaying and nurturering your animals is the sign of a loving, caring, owner. I could really get on my soap box about this. However, I will tell you the sad scene I saw the other day.

We have two feral cats here, the orange tiger striped one eats our cat food, we are hoping in exchange he/she will go out and catch the rats. I am presuming he is a male because he has hung around here for so long and we have never seen kittens.

The other cat that is hiding in our woods is kind of a merle colored female. The other day she brought her babies out to play. They were darling; two black one white. It was cute to watch them play, but we all know they have no future. I just don't understand why people just drop of cats and dogs. We have a no kill shelter just 5 miles away.

My two cats are so old they just watch the birds and mice run by. When they are no longer with us, I plan on going to the shelter and getting a new kitty. IMHO you are a wonderful person if your cat loves you. They are so picky!!!
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