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Hey! From Oklahoma!
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Thank you.
The last time I was with Sadielou was the weekend before her death 10 yrs ago. We camped a a nearby lake with our little families. Sadielou and I went 'tubing'. She was cracking me up with a story of how we would go back and tell our WS roomies how good we were at it. With a drink in one hand and a smoke in the other speeding behind our boat on tubes.LOL she loved to chat!
Yesterday was the 1st time I have been tubing since the and as I was being pulled behind that boat...water splashing in my face...i looked up and said "i love you sis".
Oddly just seconds after that we came across another tuber that had been flipped and his driver hadn't noticed...she had just kept on going. ( i like to think Sadielou led us to him). It was kinda dangerous, lots of boats due to a speedboat show going on. We scooped up the lost tuber and took him to his boat...driven by a woman I would guessed to be his grandmother....she was frantic and in tears..bless her heart. It was kinda cool.
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