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We use to raise Dalmatian pups, show and sell them. After I quit work it was just too expensive to go on anymore. It can cost thousands to raise a big healthy litter of pups. First the stud fee, then the vet fee to see if she was really bred. Yeah dogs have false pregnancies. After the litter is born comes the trips to the vet for checkups and dew claw removals. Keeping and working with the pups until they are 8 weeks old. Then comes the hearing tests and the hip tests. Then finding quality homes for show dogs, checking out prospective buyers. Paper training, socializing, teaching the word no. Friends of ours use to take newspapers out of the recycling bin because they needed more newspaper for the welping boxes. Oh and then comes the trip south of have our mentor double check our evaluations. We now have 4 dogs. One we bought, the other three we got through the rescue or the pound.

The greatest thing AKC ever did was to have the two types of registration. One for show, one for pets. There is nothing worse then finding out that one of your pet puppies was bred. At least they cannot be shown. It may sound silly, but with the hard work you also gain a reputation of breeding good quality, healthy show dogs, ones that follow the standards and will get their championships.

Oh and I forgot the expense of going to dog shows. Long ways away and entry fees kept getting higher.

Some may not agree with my feelings and I know my arguments will mean nothing to you. However there is a great satisfaction in rescuing a pet. Besides that they are usually older, have some manners, and are potty trained. (G)
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