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I really wish my mom was here. I really could use her love and support right now. You see I have been really sick. Finally went to the doctor and it is not good. I have spent last couple of days in and out of the hospital being tested for lupus, fibro miyalgia, I have to have a biopsy done on a mole on my back, and he is testing me for a form of leukemia that effects your bones and blood. I am really scared. I was not so scared until the doctor's at the hospital asked me if I had made arrangements for my kids, if needed. They want to do do a living will. I just don't know what to do. I am not ready for this, not ready to here the test results. My doc says he knows I am scared but it is something I have to deal with and take care of before I get any sicker. Please everyone keep me and my kids in your prayers. I go today to find out some of the results on those tests. I am scared but I am trying to be strong for my girls.
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