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Maybe I'll do this for my dream vacation

This years PFD for Alaskans is going to the largest. I will be paying some medical bills but will end up with $1,500 or more.

I have never seen any of the lower part of Alaska, since most is only gotten to by Plane or ferry or by the cruise lines.

I want to see these coastal Alaskan cities while I still have good health and Not old LOL. I'm thinking of buying myself a cruise.

Then I think Gosh I feel in love with San Franscisco when I visited there in Oh my gosh 98'? I got to see some great women and did a TON of shopping! It was a blast and I want to go again. We need a bunch of stuff for remodeling our home and of course all those Dang Fabric Stores just call my name over and over again! And I loved to see a few of those great women again and do lunch and share chocolates!
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