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Ok I have gotten some news about everything. I have fibromiyalgia, type 2 diabetes but he says if I change my diet and lose 45pds. That it will not be an issue. My cholesterol is very high, my body is not producing any good cholesterol. So I need medicine for that. Went to the RA specialist yesterday and he is going to find out from my pych. Doc what medicine would be safe to put me on with my pych meds. Also he wants to have a sleep study done, he suspects I also have sleep apnea. I am releaved in a way, but still scared. Never had an MRI done and that scares me. I guess I am just being silly and probley have no reason to be scared about MRI. Just wanted to let you all know how things are going. Thanks for your help and words of support. HUGS to you all!!!
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