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update on what it is happening. ok we have decided to keep the baby. It was a hard and emotional decision but we are keeping him/her. The kids are ok with it. We had a family meeting and we decided together as a family, this baby needs love and cared for. We picked out names this morning. Boy: Joseph Dean, Girl: Tina Marie. Due date is April 30th. I am so lucky that I have my love, my rock, my soul mate. She has been there thru everything and I am thankfull she came into mine and my kids life. We told her parents tonight and they are sad it happended but support our decision to keep this innocent child. Her mom is already talking baby shower and setting up nursery. Her dad is going to build us a special rocking chair to put in the nursery. Thank you all for your kind words and messages may God bless you. Hopefully the cops due their job and put this SOB where he belongs. We are not going to make this innocent baby suffer. Huggggss to all.
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