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Is it me or do the producers really think if they give Shane a bad haircut( each one worse than the last season ) that we will buy that Shane is butch? To some degree there is probably a "Shane" in almost every lesbian circle but not as wishy-washy as Shane is.

Max/Miora was kinda butch but then that was messed up with Moira becoming Max. I thought the writers done an ok job of Moira turning into Max and how it might affect everyone in his/her life but what I didn't understand was why Max ended up getting with a gay male after not having the bottom surgery done. I would have assumed that Max still would have been attracted to women afterr transitioning to male ( even if he didn't get the bottom surgery done). I'm not even going to try to decipher the sexuality of Max or the gay male in this instance.. tooo complicated LOL.
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