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Angry Feral Cats

We have had an oranger tiger stripped cat around here for almost two years. The cat jumps up on our porch to eat our cats food. Fine with us, maybe that cat will chase the mice.

Earlier this summer we saw a muted colored female, she almost looked like a merle shade. She disappeared for awhile and I figured she got hit on the road. Then glory be there she was with the cutest kittens. Two black, two white. A couple of days ago we saw one black kitten run across our road. So we knew at least one of them was safe.

I saw a little tail through the sliding glass door when the cats eat. Oh great another kitten. Then today I saw the orange stripped cat eating our cat food and there was the kitten with her. At least we now know the cat is a her, not a him.

The orange stripped cat gets along just fine with our old cats. So that is the no problem. The problem is our neighbor shoots feral cats and we have no way to trap these two. If we could trap them I would get them spayed, and they could be our barn cats.

What I cannot and never will understand is why people just drop off dogs and cats when they are no longer cute and cuddley. The dogs either get hit on the road or they join a pack and end up being shot.

Six miles away from my house is a no kill shelter. Are these people who drop off animals too stupid to take care of their obligations of their pets or do they just do not care?
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