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Gestational Diabetes

As many of you know the Dr.s say I have gestational diabetes.
Last week they gave me Glyburide pills to take. Dosage 2.5. I took for 2 days and both days I was sicker than sick could be. Called me OB and she said sounded like sugar bottomed out because of pills and not to take them anymore. Went to Dr. on Friday and because the pills bottomed me out, they want me to do insulin shots. Dosage
HI-210, 10 units twice a day and HI-310, 20 units twice a day. To me that is alot. They say it wont affect to baby, BUT, I am not silly. What goes in my body the baby gets, right? Anyway..

I know alot of you ladies are smarter than me. And give good advice. Should I go for a second opinion? I mean try a total diff dr? I have asked numerous times for a 3 hour sugar test and they wont give it to me. So then I think hmm maybe I should go and get a second opinion. I don't want Joshua to get sick if I DON'T need the insulin shots.. Know what I mean?

Any advice would be great!

Thanks Ladies

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