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(((( DLC )))))
You are so helpful.. But then you already knew that, right?

Yes, doing the diary.. Have to take it along with my test results to Dr. every Tuesday and Friday.. They look at them and say well don't eat this anymore.. I am a HUGE ham freak.. And I can't have it Well at least not now.. Eggs have been causing some issues also.. Pasta and steamed veggies seem to be working, that is as long as they are in moderatioin. Half a cup here and a half of cup there. Kid is gonna come out looking like a noodle

(((( Crafty ))))

My due date is the week of 10-26, but with him just shy of 9 pounds when I go for my 7th yes 7th US the first they are going to let me know when I will be delivering this little bundle of joy. I am in the 90%tile of having a 10+ pound baby.. Not sure if that is good or bad. I look at it this way, if he is healthy, let him be until he is ready.. Know what I mean? Already have admit papers done. I look for them to take him the first or second week of October. Everything with him looks great. Lungs are good, he is doing great at practicing the inhale exhale motions. All his organs are developed just the way they should be.. Oh and you can see hair in the US pictures now.. I need to scan the ones from last week and put them on here.

Have a great night ladies..

Don't work to hard tomorrow

Huggers Daccie
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