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I don't have much experience in earning my living from home, but I've managed to pile up some cash and was thinking to make a scheme comparable with stock market gambling. Now, I wanted to share my idea with you, and try to get your opinion.

The game is simple, I invent new domain names (there are a lot of tips on doing that), I register them (that is arguably expensive, there are non-expiring (and renewal, for that matter) coupons at GoDaddy for that, like SPN3 for the .COM , I pay $7.45 and Save $2, SPN1 where I get 10% off any order, or
SPN2 where I save $5 off any order $30 or more --- I am noting these things down for you just to get my idea of saving, it could not be close enough to reality, please tell me if so).
Anyway. The catch is that, when I would come up with a good name (one that is easy to remember and to come upon) and invest in it, after a while I can sell it quite expensive (I've seen there are sites that allow advertising such names). Now, I don't say this is a good way to make huge amounts of money, though it should be, if I get creative enough. I just want to hear your opinion on this one. Do you think it's immoral? Do you think it's risky?

On the other hand, may I bewelcomed on WOW. This is my first post here.
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