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I'm having a particularly bad day, and no, it isn't a coincidence that it's Easter Sunday. My husband is not a Christian, I am not a Christian, we're raising our children as Pagans. So why do our kids have Easter baskets and Easter clothes?? Why did we have an Easter Sunday Dinner with my mother in law (who, btw, hasn't been to church since she was married!) ? Why is my husband supporting these gifts at all?

I'm not happy about what's been going on in WS either. I think that is what bothers me the most, this is one problem that I can not go in there and spout about because I would get little support. I would get questions, jokes, people trying to convince me that Jesus is my savior....

Sorry about the vent, but I've had it to <font size=7>HERE</font>!!! Who's ready for May Day?? :-)
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